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Московский Журнал Международного Права

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Московский журнал международного права   Moscow journal of international law

About us

The Moscow (and originally – the "Soviet") Journal of International Law was created in 1991 as an open podium for various, at times diametrically opposite viewpoints on the present-day international law. During the years of the existence of the Russian language version we have published on the pages of this Journal articles written by more than 700 authors from Russia, the CIS countries, Canada, the United States, Greece, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Laos, SaoTome e Principe, France, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, India, Germany, Great Britain and other countries. The spectrum of the issues under consideration has always been broad to the maximum and it includes questions of theory of international law, legal problems of international security, questions of international humanitarian law, space law, air law, diplomatic and consular law, international maritime law, law of international treaties, correlation between international and national law. The Journal has repeatedly focused attention on the issues of territory in international law, international ecological law, various aspects of international private, business, investment and tax law. In the pages of our Journal there is always room for young authors – students and post graduates of law faculties, space is allocated to announce new legal literature publications. And finally, and this is one of the important merits of the publication, our Journal has published different international conventions, documents of international organizations, bilateral agreements and laws of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, the publication of only the Russian language version of the Journal substantially limits the circle of our potential readers. The Editorial Board deems it purposeful to let foreign colleagues familiarize themselves with our international law thinking, our vision of international law problems, and this has made the need felt in publishing a full-fledged regular English language version of the Journal. The English language version is now limited to a Digest 2000-2001 (you may find its full version in the “Contents”) and contain the same kind of materials just like the Russian version. We are open to any business-based offers of sponsorship of our English version.

Changes may concern published documents because the Editorial Board will strive toward broader familiarization of its readership with the normative base of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. Also the Journal will be open for polemics on the issues raised in the materials published.

We hope that our Journal will be interesting for scientists and practicing lawyers of different countries and will contribute toward deeper mutual understanding in the creation of a safer, democratic peace on the basis of respect and observance of the principles and norms of the present-day international law.

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